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D'Lite Tips and Tricks
  • If D´Lite is in your pocket, make sure it is not crushed in anyway, as your D´Lite may be activated without you being aware. Be careful not to carry your D'Lites in a pocket that is not white. The material of D'Lite will get discolored.

  • Viewing D'II DVD is a GREAT way to learn new skills with your D´Lite. There are also a lot of ideas found on youtube, and please visit D'lite Magic on facebook.

  • When using D´Lite, try to keep your "grabbing from the air" and "passing from hand to hand" motions as natural as possible.

  • Practice your motions in front of a mirror.

  • Always keep D´Lite shielded from your spectator's view by not showing your open palms, especially when your hands are not moving.

  • Never share magic secrets with anyone but another Magician.

One of the great things about D'Lite is that you can do a very quick simple trick with them, or you can develop an entire magic routine around D'Lite.

  • Simply grab a light from the air, your spectator's hair, shoulder, a pocket, or from any place you choose. Pretend to put it in your other hand. When you open your hand the light has vanished.

  • Using a pair of D'Lites grab the light from the air, pretend to toss it from hand to hand, then pretend to drop it. Reach over and pick it up off the floor and put it in your pocket.

  • Holding an empty bag of chips in one hand pretend to remove a light from the bag and pretend to put it in your mouth. Repeat a few times. D'Lite makes a great "light" snack.

  • Grab a light from the air put it in your other hand, then put it in your pocket. Repeat a few times. Grab another light put it in your other hand toss it in the air then pretend to catch it in your hand. Then toss it away and make it vanish.

  • Produce a light and put it in your mouth. Pretend to blow it from your mouth and catch it with your fingers. Put it in your ear and remove it from your other ear. Pass it back and forth, through your ears, and then toss it away.

  • Wearing a pair of D'Lites, wrap a napkin around your thumb. Grab a light from any place you like and toss it to the napkin and make it light up. Remove the light from the napkin and toss it to the napkin again. Remove it one more time and hold the light near your lips. Then blow the light to the napkin.

  • Produce a light and toss it high in the air, then slowly watch it come down and catch it with your hand. Toss it from hand to hand and toss it high again. This time miss it and let it land on the floor. Point to it then pick it up and carry on.

  • Holding a glass in one hand position your D'Lite behind or under the glass. The grab a light from the air and toss it toward the glass. It will appear that the glass is glowing. Looks great when the drink is full of ice.

  • Play catch with your friend. You will drive spectators crazy while they try to figure out where the light is coming from.

  • Always be aware of a light on an appliance, an elevator, an exit sign or any place in public. Touch the light and take it away using your D'Lite. Your spectators will be stunned.

  • There are opportunities all around you to utilize your D'Lites. Just use your imagination and create new ideas. You will have lots of fun sharing the magic of D'Lite with your friends. And the best part is it's so easy anyone can perform magic with D"Lite.