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D'Lite is safe

D'Lite is designed with consumer safety in mind. D'lite is RoHS compliant, and conforms to CE standards as set forth by the EEU. Materials are phthalate free.

What is RoHS Compliance?

The RoHS directive aims to restrict certain dangerous substances commonly used in electronic and electronic equipment.

The D'Lite® magic trick is the original patented Light Up Thumbs created and owned by Roger Mayfarth. ONLY D'Lite® has a guarantee and is made of high quality materials which is RoHS compliant and safe, as mandated by every environmental authority in every country. D'Lite® is certified to contain NO PHTHALATES, which upset the endocrine system and are linked to cancer. Only D'Lite® will certify the safety of our Light Up Thumbs. BEWARE of illegal counterfeits which are NOT RoHS compliant and are hazardous to your health. More information at the RoHs Guide Compliance