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The latest creation by Roger Mayfarth, D'lite Dazzle is spectacular. A Dazzling bright Light that creates a flashing strobe effect as it is lit. D'Lite Dazzle is stunning. If you thought D'Lite got attention, wait until you see Dazzle. 

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D'Lite Lights from Anywhere Dazzle takes D'Lite magic to the next level. If you thought D'lite got attention, wait till you see Dazzle. The bright light strobes and flashes while it is lit. It looks absolutely amazing. Perform all of the standard D'Lite Magic illusions and more.

Your hands appear to be empty, yet bright flashing lights appear and disappear at your command. They seem to dance all around you. Produce flashing lights from thin air, pick them off your spectator or make them appear from anywhere you choose.  Gauranteed to get attention anywhere you like. Pass the lights from hand to hand, play catch with your friends, pass the lights through solid objects. The flashing lights look amazing as they pass through your ears, hands and clothing. Unlimited fun that anyone can learn to do in minutes, You will amaze yourself!

• New in Box

• Instructions included

Available sizes:
Jr., Adult, Jumbo

Available colors:
Red (more colors to come)

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An endless list of things you can do with D'Lite Dazzle is limited only by your imagination. The D'Lite DII DVD (sold separately) is the best way to learn all you can do, handing techniques, and tips from D'Lite's inventor, Roger Mayfarth.


  • Color:   Red
  • Size:   Comes in: Regular Adult, Junior Child or Jumbo X Large
  • Box Contains:   Comes with: Pair or Single