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D-Lite Bonus Pack w/ DVD (all Colors)

D-Lite Bonus Pack w/ DVD (all Colors)

D'Lite Bonus Pack is perfect for the beginner. Get a pair of D'Lites and the D'Lite DII "How to" DVD all in one package at a great price.

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The D'Lite Lights from Anywhere Bonus pack was developed for the beginner, or for anyone that wants to take their D'Lite magic to the next level. Learn from D'Lite inventor Roger Mayfarth on how to utilize your D'Lites and handle them most effectively. You will learn magic effects with one D'Lite, two D'Lites or with many friends all using D'Lite. You will see tons of great ideas on how to incorporate your D'Lite magic into anything you do. Amazing and endless routines available as you watch Professional magicians use D'Lites combined with classic magic.

D'Lite Magic Lights from Anywhere Ultra Bright Red is a beautiful Red magical light that you can produce with your empty hands. Perform stunning easy magic tricks anyone can do.

Show your hands empty then pluck a bright Red D’Lite light out of the air, pass it from hand to hand and make D'lite disappear. Pretend to put one in your mouth, and pull it out of your ear. Pass the light through your ears over and over or play catch with your friends. Hold an ice cube in your bare hands, and make it glow bright Red at your command. Make a napkin glow bright Red at your command. Drop the light into a cup, make the cup light up, then show it empty, put a bright Red light in your mouth and blow it back out into your hand and Pass the light through solid objects. Magical ideas limited only by your imagination. Lots of fun for everyone.

D'Lite Red is a great addition for magicians, Bar magic, comedians, all magic tricks, stage magic, clowns, Birthday parties, Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas, Santas and Santa's helpers or 4th of July shows.

D'Lite Ultra Bright is 2x brighter. D’Lite Magic Lights From Anywhere are the Original lights from the fingertips magic trick, and are the latest version providing the brightest and most vivid colors available.

• New in Box
• Instructions included

Available sizes:
Jr., Adult, Jumbo

Available colors:
Red, Green, Blue, Morph, Gold, Purple, White, Purple, Pink, Yellow.

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An endless list of things you can do with D'Lite is limited only by your imagination. The D'Lite DII DVD (sold separately) is the best way to learn all you can do, handing techniques, and tips from D'Lite inventor, Roger Mayfarth.


  • Color:   Red, Blue, Morph, Yellow, Green, Purple, White
  • Size:   Regular Adult, Junior Child or Jumbo
  • Box Contains:   Pair or Single and DVD